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Are you sick of your unsightly and often painful varicose veins? – Those red, blue, sometimes thick ropey and bulging veins in your legs.

At Vein Clinics NZ - we offer non-surgical treatments for varicose veins that are fast, effective, safe and relatively pain free.

Compared to surgery these techniques are now thought to be safer, give better cosmetic results, better long term results, quicker recovery and they are less costly.  Surgery should be obsolete for varicose veins.

A rejuvenated and healthy appearance of your legs will also recharge your self-esteem.

We offer a obligation-free initial assessment to give you an idea of best procedure for your problem veins,and an estimate of the costs.

Duplex scan and assessment reports are required to get pre-approval from your health insurers. A cost can be incurred for such insurance reports. Please ask for written information to study prior to the consultation.

What causes varicose veins?

Veins have valves that act like security gates, ensuring the blood flows only in one direction. These veins carry your blood from the body, back to the heart.

In time, vein walls can degrade and valves can weaken. If this happen the blood can leak back into the vein and pool there, in turn the vein becomes larger and can become twisted or crooked, varicose and often painful.

Contributing factors may be hereditary, or caused by inactivity, age, obesity or pregnancy. Symptoms of unhealthy veins can include increased incidence of muscle cramps, restless legs at night, and even deep vein thrombosis.

Having unsightly varicose veins removed makes a difference to your appearance that you can really feel, lifting your confidence and improving self esteem.

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How do we treat them?

Following an initial free assessment, we offer three different removal methods;
Endovenous Laser Ablation and Venaseal (vein glue) or by Sclerotherapy.
Each of these methods is proven, safe, and relatively simple yet remarkably effective..

We call these walk-in-walk-out procedures as they can easily be performed over an hour while your relax at our clinic. Our varicose vein treatment procedures are relatively pain free, safe and fast. If the methods bring discomfort, we have anesthetic cream available to ensure you are comfortable.

We offer free initial assessments and can arrange easy payment terms. We also work with all the main heath insurance companies.

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