Left: normal vein and blood flow. Right: Varicose (damaged) vein and blood flow.

Today’s lifestyle is very busy, meals are rushed, we make do with a poor diet, and our sleep is often disrupted or deficient. We also maintain intense, hectic work schedules and many of us are required to stand for long hours at a time. All of this takes a toll on our bodies, with one of the most visible effects being unsightly and usually painful varicose veins; red, blue and ropey veins that show as a protrusion on your legs.

There is a solution, and we would like to offer you a free initial assessment, and valuable information about our non-surgical services; including three different removal methods, to treat your varicose veins. We welcome you to visit one of our Clinics in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin or Queenstown, where you can lie back and relax while undergoing a varicose vein treatment procedure. These procedures are all relatively pain-free, as well as fast and safe. These techniques are believed to be far superior to surgical options in that they offer improved cosmetic results, a cheaper treatments, and better long term results. Our treatment history has been proven to provide a rejuvenated and healthier appearance for legs, while also providing you with improved self-esteem.


How do we remove varicose veins?

We offer three effective methods of vein removal: Endovenous Laser Ablation and Venaseal (vein glue) or by Sclerotherapy. Which are safe, proven, modern techniques.

How long will it take?

These treatments are fast and safe, and we advise to allow about an hour per treatment.  These are what we can walk-in, walk-out procedures, so you can pop in when it suits you, even in a lunch hour. Some clients report feeling a small amount of discomfort so be assured that we have anesthetic cream available to ensure your experience is as relaxed as possible. 

Will my Health Insurance cover the costs?

Whether your Health Insurance will cover the costs will depend on your policy and we recommend getting the advice of your insurer. Insurance companies agree that these procedures are equivalent to surgical procedures and will cover you for them if you have surgical cover. Generally insurance companies will be willing to fund treatment only if this is a necessary medical procedure for you. Criteria may include the presence of signs and symptoms, and issues with large veins.

This has to be documented in our report of assessment. We have affiliations with most major Health Insurers and experience in providing the required documentation with a report of assessment.  We are often able to charge your insurer directly, if this is convenient for you.

Do you offer payment terms?

For your varicose veins treatment expenses, we can offer interest-free finance over 12 to 24 months to Q-card holders.  Please ask us for details. For advice on what suits you best and for professional treatment of Varicose Veins just contact us on 0800 256 654